Episode 51 - You Ruined My D**k Joke

August 16, 2016

On this week's episode, it's a Sausage Party! Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to actually see the film but we discuss a major controversy that has spawned from the mature animated box office hit from Seth Rogen and crew. We touch on the loss of Kenny Baker, the man behind the most famous droid in the galaxy, we take a look at the angry open letter to Warner Brother's Studios that's making it's way across the internet and we get hyped about Rogue One.

All this and much more on Steve and Chris: Superfans!

Trailer Talk starts at 01:05:00. Follow along and watch the trailers below:

Trailer 1: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Official Trailer)

Trailer 2: Bad Santa 2 (Red Band Trailer)

Trailer 3: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Trailer 4: Amateur Night

Trailer 5: War on Everyone

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